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Welcome to the Fort Douglas Museum Online Collections!

The collections preserved at the museum include historical photos and artifacts, military equipment, and military service memorabilia. An online Image Database highlights the artifacts entrusted to our care. The museum maintains a 5,000 volume research library containing books, monographs, and periodicals. The Library Catalog is searchable online and the collection is open to the public for on-site research. If you do not find what you are looking for when searching any of our collections, please feel free to contact us as the museum may have just what you are looking for. Check this website often as records are updated periodically.

The selection of images posted here for public viewing are only a portion of our entire collection. Please be advised that use and/or reproduction of the images shown on this website is prohibited without prior permission from The Fort Douglas Museum.

Tips for Searching the Collections

Looking for a simple search tool? Try our Keyword Search to look across hundreds of fields in thousands of records. The Keyword Search button allows you to perform a general search across multiple fields for any catalog records online. Use quotes around phrases to make your search more specific. Use the * to find things that begin with a string of text. Searching Rock* will return both Rocks and Rocky.

Digging for something even more specific? Try using Advanced Search to look for certain words within certain search categories. This type of search allows you to look specifically in Name fields for the family name White without having to sift through all of the Black & White photographs, and postcards from the White House.

Curious – what kind of artifacts do we have? Try our Random Images search on the navigation menu. It allows you to wander around the collections in no particular order. This is a fantastic way to discover many of our rarely seen treasures. If something piques your interest, click the thumbnail to view a larger version of the image.

Search only one database at a time? Use the Catalog buttons to help narrow down your search by searching within a selected catalog. For instance, if you only want to search for Photos, click the Photos button and type in your keyword(s) or phrase. You can also view records within that catalog without performing a search.